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Flexible Stainless Steel Small Bore Conduits Now Available From EC&M Electrical -  22 June  2011

Flexible Stainless Steel Small Bore Conduits Now Available From EC&M Electrical

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Highly specialised requirements in some industries and commercial applications require the use of small bore conduits, to protect electric cable and



optical fibre. The Ramflex Micro Conduit is now available from us at EC&M Electrical Pty Ltd, to meet the unique needs of these applications. Produced from continuous stainless steel strip, these flexible, hardwearing conduits come in a range of sizes from 3.5 mm to 12.7 mm ID. Stainless steel

strip is helically wound, to produce these ruggedly-built conduits for industria l applications like robotics, clean rooms, fibre optics, as well as IT and control systems


The small size means these conduits are perfectly suited for use in the manufacture of instrumentation tubing in industries ranging from process copie montre and control instrumentation, measuring and controlling devices, analytical instruments, medical equipment and so on. In process industries, these are used in electrical cable encapsulation for sensors, thermocouples, photo cells, proximity switches and so on. Being made from stainless steel   strip means that this micro conduit range possesses inherent low fire hazard properties. Ramflex micro conduits come in a squarelok range, as standard. In this style, the stainless steel strip is held in position by locking one leg of one profile over the leg of the adjacent profile.

The conduit also comes in an interlok range, where the edges of the stainless steel strips are completely interlocked with each other. Ideal for applications requiring increased crush protection and where higher axial strength is required, the interlok profile is only available on special order. To illustrate this capability, a 5 mm ID squarelok conduit has a breaking load of 68 kg minimum, while the same size in interlok style is rated at up to 86 kg minimum breaking load. Ramflex micro conduits address the expanding need to protect often vulnerable cabling in CCTV installations, roller shutter door control systems, voice and data cabling and other similarapplications. These conduits also address concerns with regards to vandalism and sabotage. Ramflex micro conduits are also available in an overbraided range, ideal for use in abrasive environments.


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