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Ramflex "RAMFLEX" an Australian brand that covers a range of locally manufactured and imported Cable Management products, these include thread adaptors, flexible steel conduit, Halogen Free Conduit and ECO Environmental conduits .
Rhino "RHINO" non metallic Liquidtight conduit, based on UL standards Rhino is a tough smooth core and smooth sheath conduit which finds applications in water and sewerage treatment plants, food industry applications heavy industry and mining applications.
"ULTRATITE" - "TITAN" metallic Liquidtight conduit, produced by Southwire one of the USA´s largest privately owned cable and conduit manufacturers, this product has applications in heavy industry, railways and mining, where a steel core is necessary to protect cables from mechanical damage.
"EURO 2000" unsheathed metallic conduit, sheathed metallic conduit, nickel plated brass flexible conduit fittings, nickel plated brass Knock On fittings for rigid steel conduit, brass thread adaptors. Applications in the computer IT industries, railway installations, where metallic screening and mechanical protection is required.
"CP SYSTEMS" "CPSflex", "CPSFix", "ROBO-KIT" flexible conduit and fittings manufactured from halogen free Polyamide, this product meets all the environmental requirements for PVC free installations. This conduit is applicable for use in transport systems, public areas, tunnels, water treatment, robotics and automation.
"CP SYSTEMS" "CPS CABLECHAIN" "SABIN CHAIN" cable chains for use with crane systems, clean rooms, gantry cranes, automation equipment, printing machines and medical equipment. Sabin chain is silent dust free and capable of long stroke applications.

"ELETTROCANALI CABLE COVER" used to run cables across the floor in office installations, fitness clubs, gyms and shops, HFT slotted duct large range of sizes for wiring switchboards used in tunnels, transport systems and railway stations.

"EVCCO" ENVIRONMENTAL HFT and FRAS rigid conduit system with a full range of fittings, sizes from 20mm to 110mm, applications in 5 and 6 star green projects, tunnels, transport systems, mines and ships.